Winter 2021

  • MATH 138: Calculus 2 for Honors mathematics.

Fall 2020

  • MATH 137: Calculus 1 for Honors mathematics.

Winter 2020

  • PMATH 432: First Order Logic and Computability. A fourth year course in computability based mostly on the book Mathematical Logic by Ebbinghaus, Flum, and Thomas with an audience of approximately 25 students.
    Notes for computability theory part and incompleteness theorems: pmath432_notes.pdf
    Syllabus: syllabus_432.pdf

Fall 2019

Teaching Praedoc

  • Exercise sessions for first year courses in mathematics for computer scientists at TU Wien and theoretical computer science at University of Vienna.
  • Taught an introductory mathematics course to prepare students for their first year classes.